The Silent Stalker™ will be an absolute necessity to you fishermen of all types that have a problem with the noise created by wave action against the side of your boat as you troll into the wind. Our product will eliminate most, if not all noise that waves cause, which, as you know, spooks most game fish. We believe it to be a must-have product for crappie fishermen, in particular those who fish in close proximity to the boat, even in slightly windy conditions.

Each Silent Stalker™ is custom made to fit each individual boat and is made of very durable textile fabric that should last for years under normal use.

We are on schedule to have this product available to the public by the fourth quarter of 2014. It will be available through our website and select national retailers. It will be offered as an option through certain boat manufacturers as well.



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Paul Alpers

Paul Alpers

I have been fishing for crappie about 50 years.  My biggest problem has always been catching them in the spring during the spawn.  I was always having to move because I kept spooking the fish. But not anymore.  The Silent Stalker is a boat accessory that eliminates all wave slap noise from the front of your boat.  I assure you that your days of spooking fish are now over.

I have been on several lakes this spring where I caught 10 fish and other boats only caught 1 or 2.  The Silent Stalker made the difference.  It works. The Silent Stalker is easy to put on and easy to take off.  You can run your boat wide open with it on.

I highly recommend The Silent Stalker for any fisherman.


Paul Alpers
Founder of Crappie Masters Tournament Trail
Crappie Masters National Champion
10-time National Qualifier of Crappie Masters Tournament Trail
Rock Port Rattler Pro Staff
Sponsored by Minnkota, Mercury, Hummingbird, and The Silent Stalker











Mid South Tackle Pro

Mid South Tackle Pro

As a young boy, I learned to fish with my dad in the shallow oxbow lakes of the White, Cache and Arkansas rivers. Weekend after weekend I learned what it took to consistently catch fish in those fairly shallow waters. He taught me many things to catch those fish but one thing has stuck in my mind for nearly 40 years. He constantly reminded me that while you are in fairly shallow water, “Silence is Key”. I have carried this learned trait with me for many years now and did my best to perform the stealthiest stalk when I would chase spawning fish into the shallow waters. However, no matter how well I performed the lessons he taught me many years ago, mother nature would always played a role.

Windy days can prove to be especially difficult days to catch fish in shallow water, especially in aluminum boats when waves are constantly slapping the front of the boat. Many times my success rate suffered on these days and I knew I was spooking the fish well before I got into pole reach to present them my bait offering. Until recently, it was something I simply accepted and even changed my fishing routine back to the deeper water on windy days.

After adding the “Silent Stalker” to the front of my 21 ft Express all aluminum boat, I can honestly say my shallow water stalks are much more productive now. I have fished in as little as two foot of water with the waves chasing spawning crappie with hardly a sound coming from the boat. The stalker has definitely taken the word “stealth” to all new level.

The product is also amazingly robust! I have unloaded my boat, loaded it back to the trailer, ran over stumps & brush and even traveled with it @ 70 mph for several miles!
The Silent Stalker is now a part of my everyday arsenal of equipment and one that I never leave home without. Thanks for the great product and I would recommend it to everyone who is challenged on windy days with the noise of waves slapping their boat.

Best regards,
Dennis Bayles, Jr.
Mid South Tackle Pro Staff
7 Time National Qualifier of Crappiemasters Tournament Trail
Retired Professional Guide
Weekend Angler










The Martin Metal Team

The Martin Metal Team

“This is the secret to not spooking the fish on windy days from the
waves slapping your boat. I just recently put the Silent Stalker on my
20′ Skeeter. I was sold on the first trip out spider rigging. It
amazed me how much it quieted my boat from the waves slapping the boat
when I was trolling into the wind. The Silent Stalker is super easy to
put on and take off your boat, only seconds. I run my boat like I
normally would, on plane no problems at all. Can’t even tell its on
the boat while on plane. You have to try the Silent Stalker to see for
yourself how well it works in quieting the annoying sound of the waves
slapping the front of your boat and spooking the fish. I have put it
through the test, loading and unloading the boat, no problems at all.
Fish like you normally would and you won’t even know its there, other
than you won’t hear the waves slapping your boat.”

Martin Metal Fishing Team
2012 Angler Team of the Year










The Silent Stalker Team

The Silent Stalker Team

The silent stalker has been a great tool for me. When I first got it I was worried about the length of time it takes to put it on and off after each time we move locations. Well, that’s not an issue at all because we never take it off once its on. We are running down the lake close to 50 mph and it doesn’t even move an inch. Its still tight and snug when we get to where we are going. As far as its intended purpose(noise dampener), its unbelievable. Its taking away 90% of the noise you get going into the wind or across boat wakes. In the crappie masters ms state championship we put it on as soon as we started fishing and left it on all day both days. On day 2 the fish we were catching were no deeper than 4 ft. We fished around other boats that were not catching fish and we caught close to 40 fish. Our 7 biggest weighed 20.30 lbs, which is within 2 tenths of the record one day stringer. The silent stalker played a huge role that day for us. I would recommend the silent stalker to anybody crappie fishing whether they fish out of an aluminum boat or glass boat.

Magnolia Crappie Club Member

Crappie Masters Tournament Trail Member

Jeremy Aldridge










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Roy Dicken

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