“This is the secret to not spooking the fish on windy days from the
waves slapping your boat. I just recently put the Silent Stalker on my
20′ Skeeter. I was sold on the first trip out spider rigging. It
amazed me how much it quieted my boat from the waves slapping the boat
when I was trolling into the wind. The Silent Stalker is super easy to
put on and take off your boat, only seconds. I run my boat like I
normally would, on plane no problems at all. Can’t even tell its on
the boat while on plane. You have to try the Silent Stalker to see for
yourself how well it works in quieting the annoying sound of the waves
slapping the front of your boat and spooking the fish. I have put it
through the test, loading and unloading the boat, no problems at all.
Fish like you normally would and you won’t even know its there, other
than you won’t hear the waves slapping your boat.”

Martin Metal Fishing Team
2012 Angler Team of the Year