I have been fishing for crappie about 50 years.  My biggest problem has always been catching them in the spring during the spawn.  I was always having to move because I kept spooking the fish. But not anymore.  The Silent Stalker is a boat accessory that eliminates all wave slap noise from the front of your boat.  I assure you that your days of spooking fish are now over.

I have been on several lakes this spring where I caught 10 fish and other boats only caught 1 or 2.  The Silent Stalker made the difference.  It works. The Silent Stalker is easy to put on and easy to take off.  You can run your boat wide open with it on.

I highly recommend The Silent Stalker for any fisherman.


Paul Alpers
Founder of Crappie Masters Tournament Trail
Crappie Masters National Champion
10-time National Qualifier of Crappie Masters Tournament Trail
Rock Port Rattler Pro Staff
Sponsored by Minnkota, Mercury, Hummingbird, and The Silent Stalker