The Silent Stalker has been a great tool for me. When I first got it I was worried about the length of time it takes to put it on and off after each time we move locations. Well, that’s not an issue at all because we never take it off once its on. We are running down the lake close to 50 mph and it doesn’t even move an inch. Its still tight and snug when we get to where we are going. As far as its intended purpose(noise dampener), its unbelievable. Its taking away 90% of the noise you get going into the wind or across boat wakes. In the crappie masters ms state championship we put it on as soon as we started fishing and left it on all day both days. On day 2 the fish we were catching were no deeper than 4 ft. We fished around other boats that were not catching fish and we caught close to 40 fish. Our 7 biggest weighed 20.30 lbs, which is within 2 tenths of the record one day stringer. The silent stalker played a huge role that day for us. I would recommend the silent stalker to anybody crappie fishing whether they fish out of an aluminum boat or glass boat.

Magnolia Crappie Club Member

Crappie Masters Tournament Trail Member

Jeremy Aldridge